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CILIP Postcards and Posters

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals asked us to produce an eye-catching A6 postcard and A3 poster to promote their careers campaign. This was just around the time that David McCandless published his book Information is Beautiful so that inspired the copy:

Some say information is beautiful
Some say information is power
We say information is the future
Your future

We coupled this with a groovy spiral design by Jim Smith and produced both poster and postcard in colour and black and white. We’re pretty happy with it – hope the kids like it!


Google Ngram: Mining for data in two centuries of literature

As fraught as our relationship with Google is, we in the book industry have to admit that some elements of their digitizing campaign do provide for some fascinating insights into the literary world. Their Books Ngram viewer allows you to map the usage of particular words throughout the entire collection of books in their digital library. Here’s a simple one showing the prevalence of the words ‘men’ and ‘women’ from 1800-2000:

David McCandless (of Information is Beautiful fame) demonstrates a few other way to dig into the data in his blog post here: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2010/google-ngram/

Astute data analysts will surely criticise the way in which the data is mined (in fact, the generalisations are the problem so perhaps it’s the lack of mining that’s the issue) but it’s fascinating nonetheless. And a great way to pass a Friday afternoon.