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Christopher Wilson designs for German label Vinyl on Demand

club moral vinyl box

The talented Christopher Wilson (aka Oberphones) has been busy in his Sheffield studio recently, producing some hot hot hot vinyl covers for German record label Vinyl On Demand. The above image is the vinyl cover design for artist Club Moral who describe themselves as “focused on the presentation of art and live events of an extreme nature”. Chris says they make Throbbing Gristle look like The Saturdays. I say they’ll all be deaf by the age of 55. But hey, they’ll still have these sexy vinyl boxes to look at and ya don’t need ears for that. We asked Chris how he achieved the archival-style aesthetic: “Much of the type on the records is xeroxed until it degrades (as per the “1981–1986″ here), then rescanned.” Nice work, we like. See more from Chris/Oberphones here…


Drawing Drawing Drawing

A few little doodles from the sketchpad of our Christopher Wilson.

Illustration by Christopher Wilson/Oberphones.

An abstract of Sheffield's Park Hill estate

Illustration by Christopher Wilson/Oberphones.

In the loungeroom, with insomnia.

Clever chops. See more of Christopher’s work here: http://www.artypeeps.co.uk/christopherwilson.html and here: http://www.oberphones.com/. If it’s an illustrative design you want, he’s your man.

Dot Dot Dot 18 out now

The 18th issue of “Dot Dot Dot” magazine is out now. Do not delay, people. This issue contains an article by our very own Christoper Wilson (A.K.A Oberphones) titled  ‘I’m only a designer’: the double life of Ernst Bettler, and a new companion piece, And so to bed.


Read more about the publication here: http://www.dot-dot-dot.us/index.html?id=63

And buy it here:  http://www.amazon.com/Dot-18-Stuart-Bailey/dp/0979465435/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254845176&sr=1-1

London Book Fair 2010 here we come

artypeeps_troubadour_jonthan_perugia_rupert_jessopLast Wednesday (22 April) Artypeeps hosted a book design, illustration and photography exhibition at the Troubadour Gallery in Earls Court. This was a one-day event to coincide with the London Book Fair and it was the first exhibition by the Artypeeps collective.

The response from guests and visitors was overwhelmingly positive, with many people commenting on how refreshing it was to see the artistic side of book publishing gain more prominence.

We plan to repeat the exhibition next year but, in the meantime, stay tuned for details of the next Artypeeps event.

To view a full gallery of images see here: http://www.artypeeps.co.uk/events.html