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Christopher Wilson designs for German label Vinyl on Demand

club moral vinyl box

The talented Christopher Wilson (aka Oberphones) has been busy in his Sheffield studio recently, producing some hot hot hot vinyl covers for German record label Vinyl On Demand. The above image is the vinyl cover design for artist Club Moral who describe themselves as “focused on the presentation of art and live events of an extreme nature”. Chris says they make Throbbing Gristle look like The Saturdays. I say they’ll all be deaf by the age of 55. But hey, they’ll still have these sexy vinyl boxes to look at and ya don’t need ears for that. We asked Chris how he achieved the archival-style aesthetic: “Much of the type on the records is xeroxed until it degrades (as per the “1981–1986″ here), then rescanned.” Nice work, we like. See more from Chris/Oberphones here…


Google Ngram: Mining for data in two centuries of literature

As fraught as our relationship with Google is, we in the book industry have to admit that some elements of their digitizing campaign do provide for some fascinating insights into the literary world. Their Books Ngram viewer allows you to map the usage of particular words throughout the entire collection of books in their digital library. Here’s a simple one showing the prevalence of the words ‘men’ and ‘women’ from 1800-2000:

David McCandless (of Information is Beautiful fame) demonstrates a few other way to dig into the data in his blog post here:

Astute data analysts will surely criticise the way in which the data is mined (in fact, the generalisations are the problem so perhaps it’s the lack of mining that’s the issue) but it’s fascinating nonetheless. And a great way to pass a Friday afternoon.

Attention Creative Types: Office Space to Let

Our mate Charlotte Wiig, the photographer, is looking for someone who needs an office desk to rent any time from mid-April onwards. The office is in SW6 1RU, one minute walk from West Brompton and 8 minutes walk from Earl’s Court.

The office room is shared with Charlotte’s wonderful colleague Marte Lundby Rekaa (also a photographer) and is in a secure office building. It would suit a freelancer or someone working in the creative industries – or anyone really who runs their own business. Electricity, heating, water and kitchen are included in the price with 24 hour access and an alarm.

The price per calendar month is:
office rent: £225 + VAT
internet and phone line: £12.50 + VAT

Please get in touch with Charlotte if you are interested or pass it on to others who you think might be suitable!

Charlotte Wiig
T: 0207 386 6131
M: 079 84 61 72 19