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Artypeeps have a new Facebook page

Ahoy peeps! Those of you in the Artypeeps Facebook network will know that we have almost 900 Facebook friends all around the world. We want to get our network up into the thousands so we’ve now started a fan page. We’ll be profiling some of our favourite designers, illustrators, artists and other wonderful creatives on this new page. We’ll also be handpicking fans of our page to profile their work so we need to see lots of talented peeps liking the page!

Visit the new Artypeeps Fan Page, click ‘LIKE’ and then spread the word to all your friends. Thanks!


Book Arts Newsletter

book arts newsletter issue 69 artists booksThe November issue of the Book Arts Newsletter is now available for download from UWE’s Centre for Fine Print Research. This one is packed with goodness from the sunny shores of Australia as the newsletter’s chief editor, Sarah Bodman, recently returned from a trip to the CODEX expo in Melbourne. The issue includes:


Invisible Cities And Hidden Landscapes, curated by Cath Fairgreave, UWE Bristol
Object Poems – Curated by David Abel, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, USA
Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany
The Silent Scream: Political and social comment in books by artists, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Drawing with Fire: An exhibition of laser cutting by book and paper artists, curated by Tom Sowden, Northumbria University, UK
Art & project bulletins 1-156 / September 1968 – November 1989, Christophe Daviet-Thery, Paris, France
60|40, Gustavsberg Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
Marinus van Dijke, A walk, a hundred years, a reconstruction, De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal, The Netherlands
SCOTT McCARNEY VisualBooks, an exhibition of new works at Light Work, Syracuse, USA
Keith Smith: Book by Book, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY, USA


Creative bookstructures by Hedi Kyle, a workshop with Suzanne Schmollgruber at Leksands folkhögskola, Sweden
Bookbinding workshops with American book artist Emily Martin in Wiltshire, UK
Wire Edge Bindings workshop with Daniel E Kelm in Stockholm, Sweden and Loose & Simple Bindings II, with Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo at Jouper
Design, Stockholm, Sweden
Rubber Stamp workshop with Stephen Fowler, Paper Village, Bristol, UK
The State Library of Victoria in partnership with Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford presents: Love and Devotion: Persian Cultural Crossroads. A conference at the State Library of Victoria, 12th – 14th April 2012, Melbourne, Australia


Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium – 2012
bookartbookshop’s Bookart Competition December 2011
Minnesota Center for Book Arts is seeking new artists’ books for consignment in its retail store.
Venice Summer Residencies 2012 at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia
Call for Entries: The Vandercook Cocktail
Call for Artists for Turn the Page artist’s book fair 4th and 5th May 2012
Book Works is looking for proposals for a new series of projects from artist/writer
collectives or individual art practices engaged with emerging political struggles.


Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, UK
Small Publishers Fair, London, UK
Handmade & Bound, London, UK
Artists’ Book and Independent Publishing Fair, Walsall, UK
Annual Book Arts Festival, MCBA, Minneapolis, USA


Alfred Jarry A Pataphysical Life by Alastair Brotchie
A Benedictionary by Benedict Phillips
Doug Beube: Breaking the Codex
soundbites 4 tha reVelation 2012 by Daevid Allen
Grab The Uranium by Craig Atkinson
Selection by Hannah Fussner
Pride Prejudice Passion by Karen Hanmer
Libraryland by Oslo David
Two new books by Rare Autumn

Reports & Reviews Including:
The new Marches Book Art Group
Polish Artists’ Books From The End Of The 20th And The Beginning Of The 21st Centuries. Report by Jadwiga Tryzno
We Are Book Arts, Camberwell Book Art MA Show. Review by Abigail Thomas
The Artist’s Book in Slovenia 1966 – 2010, exhibition at the London South Bank University. Report by Lara Gonzalez


grahame galleries + editions in Brisbane reopens with a new exhibition and call for artists.
Book Crafts with Geff Newland, Ochre Print Studio, UK
2012 CFPR Professional Development Summer Institute
Hazell Designs Books has lots of upcoming festive events
New works by Gracia & Louise on show in three exhibitions over November

Download issue 69 of the Book Arts Newsletter (PDF) or visit the main website for the newsletter to view and download all current and previous issues.

Book Arts Newsletter: Issue 68

Amtsbibliothek by Dietmar Pfister

Amtsbibliothek by Dietmar Pfister

The latest issue of the Book Arts Newsletter is out now. Edited by Sarah Bodman at the Centre for Fine Print Research, this issue includes:


Guy Begbie and Lawrence Upton. Bower Ashton Library, UWE Bristol, UK
Again, A Time Machine at Spike Island, Bristol, UK
The Silent Scream: Political and social comment in books by artists, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia
Peace, Love, and Rockets at Center for Book Arts, NY
Claude Closky – Inside a Triangle, inaugural exhibition mfc-michèle didier, Paris
Concept As Concrete Form: Visual Poetry, Texts And Typography, University of Derby, UK
Othello – A Bestiary (With Floral Additions) by Borbonesa at bookartbookshop, London
Fine Impressions: Printmaking and artists’ books in Melbourne 1999-2010, at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen
The 3rd Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize Exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK


Impact 7 Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conference, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Loose & Simple Bindings II, workshop in Stockholm 2012
Wire Edge Bindings, workshop in Stockholm 2012
New Jersey Book Arts Symposium, NY
Photography and the Artist’s Book Symposium, Manchester, UK
The London Art Book Fair 2011
The Sixth Manchester Artists’ Book Fair
Small Publishers Fair
8th ArteLibro Bologna


Jan van Eyck Academie, call for proposals for research projects
Doverodde Book Arts Festival IV & Symposium – 2012
A Call to Celebrate THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY of bookartbookshop
Women’s Studio Workshop Opportunities for Artists
Artist Book and Independent Publishing Fair, The New Art Gallery Walsall


Listen, Listen: Adadam Agofomma, the inaugural publication of Take Time Pres
Cast of Revival Redux by Ralph Dorey
Chromatic Fields by Duncan Bullen and Jamie Crofts
Fragments of Capri and Horizons… Capri by Karen Hanmer
The Artist’s Book Yearbook 2012-2013


Loose and simple bindings 2 Monte Mesma, Italy June 2011. A report by Diana Illingworth-Cook
UK artist Simon Goode goes west to see what has made the US book arts community flourish
Special Appendix: Artists’ books in Australia and New Zealand : a bibliographical extract, 2010 compiled by Juergen Wegner, Librarian, Brandywine Archive, Sydney


Open Evening and Performance by Christina Mitrentse

The artists’ books and installations of Christina Mitrentse have captivated us book-lovers in the past, so we are delighted to announce her new solo show, presented by the Art Work Space in west London.

Add To My Library Vol. II by Christina Mitrentse

Join us for the Open Evening and Performance
Wednesday 7th Sept. 2011 6 -9.30 pm

Art Work Space is delighted to present Add To My Library Vol.II, a solo exhibition of works by established multi-faceted artist Christina Mitrentse. The show consists of five interconnected parts produced over the last two years. A series of large-scale graphite and colour pencil drawings created through an innovative methodology depicting books as the building-blocks of idiosyncratic institutions: STONEHENGE, WWW, NEW TATE, EMBLEM, RUIN I. A BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW of favorite book titles/authors, selected by invited international contributors from the art world. METABOOK, a plinth-mounted silk-screened book sculpture;‘10 FLAGS silk-screens extracted from METABOOK form a wall-based installation and a spoken word performance by guest artist Douglas Park who will embody the Library’s body of knowledge as a living Encyclopedia.The man who became a book!
For more details visit:

Download colour publication that accompanies the project

Lower Ground Floor, The Hempel Hotel,
31—35 Craven Hill Gardens, London W2 3EA

Book Arts Newsletter: Issue no. 67

OUT NOW: The August/September issue of the BOOK ARTS NEWSLETTER, edited by Sarah Bodman and published by the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England (UWE).

book arts newsletter sarah bodman

Cover page – FLAG XI – PEACE by Christina Mitrentse

Stephen Fowler. Obscure Small Press Publications and Unfinished Books. Bower Ashton Library, UWE Bristol.
Linda Welch. 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, USA
Multiple, Limited, Unique. The Center for Book Arts, New York
Claude Rutault. CDLA, France
Fine and Dirty: Contemporary Letterpress Art. Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis MN
Les paris sont ouverts. The Freud Museum, London
The Emblem of My Work. Shandy Hall, Coxwold, UK
Paper Art Exhibition. Bildungshaus St. Benedikt, Austria
Al-Mutanabbi Street Broadsides. Westminster Reference Library, London

Bookbinding workshops with Lori Sauer
Print Workshops at St Brides, London
Handmade Printed Books with Theresa Easton
Scripture of the gaze: the space between word and image. Artist-led meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Edith Derdyk
Weekend Courses in Artists Books, Denmark
Courses at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy

The NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders announces the 3rd JCA Steel Bookbinding Design Competition
The Sixth Manchester Artists Book Fair
7th Moscow International Artists Book Fair
Songs of Innocence and Experience – A Book Project devoted to the works of William Blake
A Call to Celebrate THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY of bookartbookshop
Women’s Studio Workshop Opportunities for Artists

Crux Desperationis
THE ABC OF FEARS. Famous people’s phobias by Dmitry Sayenko
Future Fantasteek! No.11 by Jackie Batey
Room by Vishwa Shroff & Katsushi Goto
PLI Arte & Design No1.

Sea of Lanterns by Ewa Monika Zebrowski and Anne Michaels. Review by Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin
The Artist in the Library. The University of East London, June 2011. Report by Nicholas Brown
Rosie Miles’ project – A Note for Book Arts Newsletter from Joseph J Field
Doverodde Book Arts Festival 2011, Denmark. Report by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck
2011 Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists’ Book Award. Review by Doug Spowart

Next deadline: 1st September 2011 for the (late) September – October Newsletter.

Download this issue plus all the back issues from the Book Arts Newsletter website.

Paul Graham at the Whitechapel Gallery: 20 April-19 June 2011

Baby, DHSS Office, Birmingham, 1984 (taken undercover) from the series Beyond Caring

The Whitechapel reminds me a bit of Edinburgh. Everyone knows it exists, everyone knows it’s wonderful, but noone ever seems to go there. When one finally does pay a visit it vastly exceeds expectations.

Such was the case with my visit to the Paul Graham exhibition. This fantastic show displays a breadth of photographic work shot primarily in the US, UK and Japan. Graham has an eye for turning the mundane into the absurd. He captures ordinary moments with such extraordinary honesty that we can instantly recognise the place even if we have never visited there. A Birmingham dole office becomes a familiar scene of British suburban life; a perfectly kept weatherboard house screams of American idealism we all know and loath; and scenes from Belfast are instant reminders of a war we all somehow feel connected to.

If the Whitechapel is on your to-do list now is a good time to tick it off. Read more about Paul Graham at the Whitechapel Gallery / 20 April-19 June 2011

Lust and envy, straight off the shelf

Oh lord, hold me back, one of my favourite blogs (It’s Nice That) has featured one of my favourite publishers (Visual Editions) and I’m out of control with both lust and envy. Is that safe? It it even legal? Who cares, I’m feelin’ it.

Read about five books on the shelf of the Visual Editions team and snoop around the rest of It’s Nice That’s Bookshelf blogs where they ask other creatives to tell us what’s on their shelf.

– Kristen