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Artypeeps has a new nest >>>>

Chirp chirp! In a long-awaited merger the Artypeeps network is now part of The Curved House, a creative agency working primarily for publishers and authors. Please visit to find out more.

This blog will shortly migrate to The Curved House but we will continue to have our twice-yearly Artypeeps drinks nights and will keep the network active through Facebook.

Thank you to all of the Artypeeps crew who have supported the various endeavors and made our network the special little community that it is.


Artypeeps have a new Facebook page

Ahoy peeps! Those of you in the Artypeeps Facebook network will know that we have almost 900 Facebook friends all around the world. We want to get our network up into the thousands so we’ve now started a fan page. We’ll be profiling some of our favourite designers, illustrators, artists and other wonderful creatives on this new page. We’ll also be handpicking fans of our page to profile their work so we need to see lots of talented peeps liking the page!

Visit the new Artypeeps Fan Page, click ‘LIKE’ and then spread the word to all your friends. Thanks!

Indiependence Day marks the end of Sober October

We’ve been working hard this month to stay off the booze and save our beer money to spend on books so on 1st November we’ll be throwing a little drinks party to retox and celebrate the end of Sober October. All welcome but please RSVP (see invite) as numbers are limited.

The event is kindly sponsored by Naked Wines (in keeping with our commitment to supporting independent businesses) and will be hosted by the lovely Treadwells bookshop in Bloomsbury.

If you don’t already know about the campaign visit the Sober October website to find out more.

Book vs. E-Book

my my my matthew youngHerewith, the creative genius of Matthew Young, Penguin Press Art’s newest recruit. As far as the print vs. pixels debate goes, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Book vs. E-Book: Episode 1 – Touch & Smell from Matthew Young on Vimeo.

Friday 17th December: save the date!

Artypeeps Christmas drinks are scheduled for Friday 17th December. It’s set to be another fun and festive meeting of creative types from publishing and related (though often rather vaguely) industries. We welcome all and sundry.

Details, including the central London venue, to be posted shortly.

Moving On Up… in English, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali and Turkish

Click to view these texts in our library

It’s not every day that we find ourselves producing a book in six languages but that, my friends, is what we are doing. Moving on Up: A Guide to Living in Your Own Home is a 96pp full-colour book for Eaves Housing. It’s aimed at women who are embarking on the challenge of living independently after having been trafficked in to the UK or having suffered other forms of abuse and/or violence.

Eaves wanted to make the book friendly, accessible and really easy to follow, so chief text designer Nicky Barneby created a lovely, bright design. After commissioning the translations, trusty typesetter Dennis laid out the Russian and Arabic versions. They each had their own challenges -not least the fact that Arabic reads with the spine on the right (the opposite to an English text) so the output of files for the printer had to be carefully managed. We also supplied the stock images and had the books printed here in the UK.

So the English, Russian and Arabic are all done and Urdu, Bengali and Turkish are in production. Contact us if you think we can help with your book projects. And for more info about Eaves see their website or search online to find a wealth of truly invaluable work they are doing.

Legal Guidelines for Eaves Housing in London

Rights and Recourse, Eaves Housing for WomenWe’ve just finished a new publication for Eaves Housing in London and, well, we’re rather proud of it.  A 112-page set of legal guidelines may not be overwhelmingly exciting at first glance, but this was produced on a massively short (are oxymorons allowed here?) timescale and with a tight budget, so the result is something to celebrate .
The text was printed full colour on 100gsm offset while cover and spine were printed and inserted into  plain white A5 ringbinders. The smaller format ringbinder works well for these practical, reference-style books because it is less likely to get lost in the sea of A4 ringbinders that clutter a busy office. It’s still a standard book size too, so it sits comortably on any bookshelf.
We’ll upload the second book in a future post.
Eaves Housing do some truly amazing work for vulnerable women in the UK, not least running the POPPY project that provides housing and support for women who have been trafficked into prostitution. Read more about Eaves and make a small (or large!) donation to support their work.