Legal Guidelines for Eaves Housing in London

Rights and Recourse, Eaves Housing for WomenWe’ve just finished a new publication for Eaves Housing in London and, well, we’re rather proud of it.  A 112-page set of legal guidelines may not be overwhelmingly exciting at first glance, but this was produced on a massively short (are oxymorons allowed here?) timescale and with a tight budget, so the result is something to celebrate .
The text was printed full colour on 100gsm offset while cover and spine were printed and inserted into  plain white A5 ringbinders. The smaller format ringbinder works well for these practical, reference-style books because it is less likely to get lost in the sea of A4 ringbinders that clutter a busy office. It’s still a standard book size too, so it sits comortably on any bookshelf.
We’ll upload the second book in a future post.
Eaves Housing do some truly amazing work for vulnerable women in the UK, not least running the POPPY project that provides housing and support for women who have been trafficked into prostitution. Read more about Eaves and make a small (or large!) donation to support their work.

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