New titles from Guardian Books

In the last quarter of  2009 we proofread four (very different!) titles for Guardian Books. The subject matter ranged from disastrous dates to Gordon Brown.  Now they’re starting to hit the shelves so read more about them here and click through to the Guardian Books website to read more or purchase a copy.

The Wire / Steve Busfield and Paul Owen

Multi-layered, morally-challenging, action-packed – The Wire is an epic novel in the form of a TV programme. Nothing like it has been made before and – to its millions of fans – nothing as good will ever be made again. A cult hit in the US and the UK, it is a show that prompts endless debate. Is Omar Little the coolest criminal since Robin Hood? Which series has the best theme tune? Read more…

Soulmates / Sonali Fernando

  • Ever been ditched by someone you’ve never met?
  • Ever fallen in love via email?
  • Ever received an electronic wink?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, the chances are that you’ve spent some time searching online for love. And if so, you’ve probably got a tale to tell. Read more…

What Went Wrong, Gordon Brown? / Colin Hughes

  • In opposition he was the strategic driving force behind New Labour
  • In government he was one of Britain’s most intellectually assured chancellors
  • Within his own party he seemed an unchallengeable power

Yet when Gordon Brown entered number 10 he stumbled, prevaricated; the ‘new dawn’ promise clouded over. What went wrong?  Read more…

The Protestor’s Handbook / Bibi Van Der Zee

Note: Pub date is April 2010

Are you worried about global warming? Furious about GM crops? Sick to death of human rights abuses, unaffordable housing, junk food, airport enlargement, or just the way your neighbour’s dog doesn’t clean up after itself? Read more…


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