BBC launch new creative writing project

We just love the Beebs for all their creative innovation. This one sounds exciting, though it could well turn out to be another shameful reality TV experiment.


My Story

“Welcome to the partners area for My Story, the BBC’s biggest search for the most remarkable real-life stories in the UK. True life stories have the power to inspire and engage us like no others and have prompted some of the most successful books and films of all time. My Story is a storytelling and creative writing project: people will be asked to tell a true, personal story and send in to share with others. The best stories will be made into short films and shown on BBC One in summer 2010.

We want to encourage the widest possible audience to write and publish their own stories, particularly those with low literacy levels. To support practitioners and others who work with adults, we are creating free, downloadable resources to use with learners.

We’ll be adding more resources to support writing over the coming months. As ever we’re keen to get your feedback about what we’ve produced so far, or other materials you’d like us to create so please do contact us.”


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