Humanitarian Picture Libraries and Photographers

Polly Hemming

Photo copyright Polly Hemming

Doing the pic research for the Minority Rights Group‘s annual publication, State of the World’s Minorities, has enlightened us on a few new photo resources:


Panos are an independent photo agency based in London. They carry a fine selection of images that “document issues and geographical areas which are under-reported, misrepresented or ignored”.

Marc Schlossman

Marc exhibited with us at the Troubadour back in April. He’s a mighty talent. His extinction series is stunning and rumour has it he is heading to Dubai soon to shoot more dead things. We are eager to see the next batch (of photos, not dead things).

Polly Hemming

Polly’s our wildcard. She’s not technically a pro but her photos show she’s got talent. Polly teaches in an aboriginal community in Ramingining, Northern Territory, Australia and her impressive Flickr gallery is an example of how DIY photo libraries can be a great tool for hunting and gathering new talent.


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