Type Recognition on the iPhone

Any iPhone application developers out there awaiting an epiphany to tell you what to do next? Here’s an idea…

There’s an excellent resource called the Type ID Board where you can post a message asking the community what a particular typeface is (a bit like we did in this previous post, before we discovered the Type ID Board). Anyway… please will one of you clever techies create an iPhone App that can recognise typefaces? It’d be a bit like Shazam, only for fonts. Genius!

Go forth and conquer. (And let us know when it’s ready for download).


One response to “Type Recognition on the iPhone

  1. Have a look at WhatTheFont for iPhone:

    And free!

    I think it might be what you’re after! Chances are more will be developed in the future too.

    And have you seen Kern? Not font recognition, but good, nerdy, typographical fun:
    (You have to pay for this one, but it’s pretty cheap)

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