It’s a Right-Brainer

Remember back in the day when websites crumbled under the cyber-weight of one little video? How lucky we are to now enjoy sites that have mastered the art of multimedia content distribution. We can access one page of one website housing hundreds of videos, podcasts, MP3s etc. without the slightest technical hindrance.

The best thing about consolidating content in this way is that it suits the right-brainers out there: those of us attracted to visual content first and foremost, and those who search the net in a non-linear way (i.e. there is no beginning and no end, it’s just one link after another until your eyeballs fall out).

So, here are some of the best UK multimedia portals to fertilize the seed of ADHD within you:

The DO Lectures (by Howies) – a great design (note the rollover function and the way the videos play within their thumbnail box) and a joy to listen to people who are so passionate about, and committed to, what they do.

TatePlayer – a plethora of goodness including the Tate Archives and some incredible, inspiring interviews with artists.

BBC Filmnetwork – an interactive site where viewers can watch and submit short films. You won’t have to search long to strike gold.

BBC iPlayer – the big Daddy of multimedia portals. Watch and listen to any programs previously aired by the BBC and subscribe to BBC podcasts.


PS. Don’t miss this vid where, at about 3:48, Louise Bourgeois tells a man off who looks remarkably like Jesus: Curator Frances Morris on Meeting Louise Bourgeois. You gotta love LB, even if her spiders are a bit creepy.


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