The Infinite Library

s06_c1Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda’s Infinite Library is a little stroke of genius:

“The book objects (…) are each made from pages of existing books removed from their bindings and rebound as one. Some of these series loosely relate to each other via a third element: geometrical shapes abstracted from the images, computer-edited, and overprinted on the originals. The disparate image stocks become intertwined and open on one another. Having transcended any thematic organization, the loose pages now have the potential to amalgamate into an infinite number of new books. In so doing, they yield a library that defies conventional categorization.” – Dominikus Müller for bb5, March 2008

The idea is simple and clever, but it’s the execution of the idea that’s so impressive. The books are assembled with skill and with careful consideration of the relationship between the verso and recto page of each spread. It has to be seen to be appreciated so check out the gallery of works completed so far: The Infinite Library | Books




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