A blog is born…

…and don’t it feel good.

After quietly launching the artypeeps website a little while ago ( artypeeps.co.uk ) the proverbial “we” have worked through a list of enhancements and, somewhere near the bottom of the list, is this blog. (Err, that’s not to say a blog isn’t important but there were some fundamental things that needed to come first). So today we are rejoicing not only the fact that we now have a blogging voice, but also that we’re near the end of the ‘to do’ list that will ensure Artypeeps has a happy home online.

The first post should really be a bit of an explanation of who we are and what we do, but all ye readers will probably doze off after paragraph one, so here’s a brief synopsis:

Artypeeps.co.uk is the one-stop-shop for anything to do with the creative side of book and print publishing. We are both a website and a festering pot of enthusiasm.

There we go. That’ll do. If you’d like to know more go to the FAQs section of the Artypeeps Website.

Stay with me now, there are a few to thank for helping Artypeeps come alive: to the first members whose amazing talents and award-winning work inspired the idea in the first place (they all have their own profiles on the site where you can view their work, download CVs and portfolios and contact them); to the RapidWeaver community (and also to Steve) for technical guidance and SEO advice (what a quandry of confusion that is) to the amazingly clever Yael Biran from Red Sheep who did the animation for the homepage and gave the site its dancing shoes.

That’s it for housekeeping. Now we’re off to gather juice for future blog posts which will be anything to do with books, book publishing, art, design, illustration, photography and anything else arty and creative

Kristen Harrison,
Artypeeps Founder

PS. Before you close this window click the RSS link and subscribe to the Artypeeps blog. You won’t regret it.


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